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What’s good posture got to do with it?

Everything! There’s value in having good posture! It boosts your body image and it also helps decrease the likelihood of injury. It enables your body to move more freely and efficiently. Poor posture can lead to anything from headaches to back pain. Your body becomes used to the posture it adopts. But this doesn’t make your bad posture OK. Typical examples of poor posture include, Forward Head Posture, (‘text neck’) and rounded shoulders, which I find with people who spend a lot of time at a desk or drive for a living. These postures frequently lead to muscle imbalance.

What Is Good Posture?

Looking from the side, a plumb line hung from the top of your head, should pass through your ear and stay in line with the middle of your shoulder, your elbow, middle of your pelvis, slightly to the front of your knee and down to the front of your heel. Standing with your back to a wall, your head should be near the wall or touching when you look straight ahead. Your shoulders should rest near the wall with your thumbs pointing forward. You should have a small arch in your low back with your bottom touching the wall.

How do you help correct poor posture?

Drivers: Assuming your seat is in the correct position; make sure your shoulder blades are touching the chair and the back of your head is touching the head rest (avoid text neck).

Desk workers: At least every 45 minutes, stand up, draw your shoulder blades together then pull them down, as though you’re trying to put them in your back pockets, do this at least 4 or 5 times. Above all, make sure your workspace is ergonomically set up.


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