Corrective Exercise

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Musculoskeletal pain is more common than ever before

Research suggests that musculoskeletal pain is more common now than it was 50 years ago. Poor movement quality as well may adversely impact injury rate, biomechanical stress (e.g., ground reaction forces), and even physiological stress (e.g., increased cortisol).  Conversely the application of an appropriate movement preparation intervention, utilising an integrated approach combining flexibility, core, balance, targeted strength, and dynamic warm-up exercises, may improve force absorption and reduce the incidence of injury. This lends support to the concept that decreased activity and poor movement quality may lead to muscular dysfunction and, ultimately, injury. Corrective exercise and the optimisation of movement quality have applications across populations and environments. All clients and athletes, regardless of current activity level, can benefit from the skills of a Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Fully Qualified Specialist

You’ll be in safe hands because we take our expertise and training seriously. Accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, every patient we treat benefits from our expertise in corrective exercise.

Shaun has really helped me. Firstly I had an ankle injury and the session with him improved it immediately. He also gave great ideas on exercises to strengthen. But didn't overload me with too many exercises. Then I injured my back. I had 2 sessions with Shaun and after the second, my back was pretty much back to normal. I was so so grateful. I had been in such relentless pain. Shaun really knows his stuff. He also explains what he's doing and how it helps, which really interests me. I like to know the why.

Shaun was a massive help. Very professional at his job. understanding previous injuries that I’ve had in the past and giving me further stretches to continue the long process of getting them back into good working order. Would recommend to anyone. Also very knowledgeable and I learnt a lot from an hours session.

The primary objective of the Corrective Exercise Specialist is to optimise movement quality. This enhances performance, results, injury resistance, movement efficiency, and recovery. Optimising movement quality is accomplished by minimising the non-ideal motor recruitment strategies that result in observable postural distortion and movement compensation.

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